Dolphin Research Center

In Grassy Key


For Additional Information,
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58901 Overseas Hwy
Grassy Key, FL 33050
Phone: (305) 289-1121


Founded in 1984, Dolphin Research Center is a nonprofit marine mammal education and research facility located in an all-natural setting in the fabulous Florida Keys. Home to a family of dolphins and California sea lions, we are dedicated to providing them with the finest care and living arrangements possible. Your visits, as well as private donations, support our mission. Watch fun-filled behavior sessions on a variety of topics including dolphin play time, fun facts, and others – all focused on the animals and their amazing abilities. Watch while we work on research sessions, practice voluntary medical behaviors and more. In between sessions, play in the Sprayground. Form a personal connection by doing a Dolphin Encounter swim, Family Dolphin Splash, VIP Experience, Meet the Dolphin or one of our other great interactive programs. DRC is also the Florida Keys’ licensed manatee rescue team. We are proud to be an accredited member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums.